Day 391: 5 days in Thailand without sunburn

We are now home after our 5-day trip to Phuket.  It was a really nice trip, and I’m glad we went.

Both my wife and I are super careful about suncare with the little guy.  A fair-skinned kid in South East Asia will get burned in just a few minutes if you are not careful.  Luckily we have the right things when we go out into the sunny days:

  • Shade.  Always find it, always see how you can be in it.  Look for it immediately, like when you enter a bus and look for an empty seat.
  • The right clothing.  We have a sun hat for him, a swim shirt, and long pants if we need them.  We also have a muslin cloth we can drape across his legs, too.
  • Sunblock.  Use a high SPF, applied regularly.


this is the sunblock we use for the little guy
Back in the ’80s when I was a kid, we did not worry about suncare at all.  Neither did our parents.  Skin cancer wasn’t really well understood yet, and the ozone layer was also not as damaged so the damaging sun rays were not coming thru as much.  We would go to the beach and get a “good burn” and then that would turn into a tan, and then you were worshipped for your tanning skills.  

Nowadays we are more concerned about these things, and my son is gladly now sleeping in his bed, and you would never know he just spent a week on the beach and in the pool in Thailand.


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