Day 392: Post Holiday Mindset

Now we are back from the holiday and into our typical rhythm here in Hong Kong.  It is funny because Hong Kong, and especially where we live in Hong Kong, is a holiday destination of it’s own.  But nonetheless, it is where we are living, so it does not feel like a holiday place.  And after we are back, I think both me and my wife are feeling a little “blah.”

We have a lot of things to prepare for in our move back to Sweden in a few months, and that means a lot of “reality” staring at us in the face.  Reality of packing up our stuff, our lifestyle, our day-to-day routine, and starting over again with a new one.  We were both feeling a little anti-social today, but we had a get-together with the little guy’s friends that we were obligated to attend.  It was a nice time, but we were both ready to go when it was time.

I think a lot of how we felt is pretty common, a type of “post-holiday blues.”  You know, when you go away on a holiday, or visit family and/or friends who live elsewhere, or do something that lets you relax and enjoy that focused time only on what you like?  It’s a nice feeling when you have it, but after you get back home, it’s hard to readjust.

Sometimes maybe you are not supposed to readjust.  Sometimes maybe you are supposed to spin things a little bit to be more like that time away, so that you bring some of that into your life.  It could be simple things, like “we should eat more fruit like we did in Thailand.”  Or it could be more complicated things, like “I would like to take more time for myself like I did when I was in XY place.”

No-matter what, things will always fall back into place after a holiday, but it is about you and your attitude when you get back as to whether they fall back into place comfortably or not.  It is always nice on some levels to be back on that rhythm you left behind (you can’t stay on holiday forever or it wouldn’t be holiday).  But to me it’s about letting that time do it’s “repair work” on you, so that you can come back to your “real life” and see the things you take for granted, and appreciate the world you live in – the good, the bad, and everything in-between.  That, to me, is the beauty of going away on a holiday, and the beauty of coming back is in the new pair of glasses you wear when you return 😉


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