Day 401: Fixing His Hair

Yesterday the little guy got his first professional haircut.  It was pretty funny to see the setup in the hair place, but obviously they know what they are doing.  There was a mirror with a tv screen in it, plenty of stuffed animals, and a super fast stylist who knew when to back off.  So now the little guy looks respectable, instead of like a 1970’s cartoon kid.

I always let the little guy sit on the counter when I do my hair (I usually do it while he brushes his teeth).  It takes me like 2 minutes, and he seems to find it interesting.  He likes to brush his hair (or act like he is brushing it), and he likes his hair in general.  In addition, he loves to see himself in a mirror, so it’s a good situation overall 😉

Today I brought him to the bathroom at the mall with me, and after I washed my hands, I fixed my hair quickly.  In the mirror, I saw him doing the same thing.  🙂  Yes, he was “fixing his hair” in the mirror, just like I was, and it was amazing.  What a funny little thing for him to pick up and do, and now at this moment, if I say, “fix your hair,” he will rub his hands on his hair.  Amazing the things they learn just by being around us!


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