Day 400: Top 10 PappaLeave Posts

Today is my 400th day of being on parental leave.  And that means it is my 400th day of writing on the blog.  Woah!  Time goes quickly, doesn’t it?

I was going to do a “things I’ve learned” but I kind of did that for the “1 year“, so instead here’s the top 10 PappaLeave posts.  These are the most visited posts, and some are visited almost every day by someone around the world.  If you haven’t read one or two of them yet, just click on the link and it will magically appear on your computer.  😛

10.  Day 336: The “I Can” Toddler Spoon  Here is a product review about the handy little spoon that helped the little guy realize it can be fun to get food to your mouth using something besides hands.

9.  Day 5: Grunting Baby and A Lot About Baby Gas  A high-information post about something I had to deal with a lot when the little guy was little.  I am glad this post is out there on the internet as a resource, and I am glad people are finding it when they are looking for it.

8.  Day 111: How to Pronounce the Letter Ö  It makes me smile that this one is in the top 10, because it is the most frustrating letter in the world, and I now know that I am not the only one who has problems with it.  😀

7.  Day 123: Missed Our Swiss Air Connecting Flight (again)  For some reason people keep finding this post.  I guess a lot of people miss their Swiss Air connecting flights 😉

6.  Day 120: A Dad’s Opinion About Circumcision  If you want to read a pretty passionately-written post by me, this is the one for you.  I like it because it embodies way more complexity than just circumcision.  It’s bigger than that.  And I still feel the same way as I did when I wrote it.

5.  Day 276: The Best Toys in Hong Kong: Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po  This is just what it sounds like: a post about where I think the best toys in Hong Kong can be located, for the best prices.  Lots of people are looking for information on this, apparently 😉

4.  Day 2,5: First Night, Dream Feeding, & Baby Jetlag  An aptly titled post that covers a bit about dream feeding and baby jetlag.  I should point out here that I think dream feeding is one of the smartest things a new parent can do.  Just sayin’.  And regarding baby / toddler jetlag, I think we are pretty near the top of the list of parents who have traveled a lot with our little one, so if you are searching for how to handle little ones with jetlag, start here, but also just search it on the site, I have written about it a few times.

3.  Day 70: Graco Citilite R: A Good City Stroller / Travel Stroller  This post reviews the Graco Citilite R, which is still our “compact” stroller.  Lightweight, folds up with one hand, comfortable for the little guy.  What’s not to like?

2.  Day 12: The Art of Breastfeeding and Avoiding Foremilk / Hindmilk Imbalance   This is a super informational one that is actually one of the most needed areas of information on the internet in my opinion (and that’s probably why a lot of people find my site when they search for information about it).  Lots of people are breastfeeding and a lot of people struggle with their little one having various problems that could be attributed to how they are feeding.  And this whole concept of “foremilk  / hindmilk imbalance” does not seem to be out there as much as it should be.

1.   Day 343: How Does a Baby/Toddler Think? This one is basically me asking the question about how a baby or toddler is thinking since they do not have language or words to use to think with.  I wrote it and then a blogger I follow who must also follow me (who has waaaaay more followers than me) named linneaiusa wrote about it and gave me credit for writing about it first.  Boom, explosion of visitors.  Even if I deduct her visitors, it would still be at the top – I guess there are a lot of people wondering about this topic!

A big “thanks” to all of you who are following, and I hope I can churn out some even better posts in the time ahead!



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