Day 406:  trying not to raise an entitled, self-absorbed child

One thing that is super important to me is to raise the little guy so that he is not an entitled, self important punk.  You know who I’m talking about, the kids who have everything handed to them, who don’t appreciate anything or see how lucky they are.

I think about this current generation of kids, and I don’t think they realize how lucky they are, for the most part.  They have all this technology that is increasingly affordable/accessible, and that basically gives them access to the world in a way that we only dreamed of when I was their age.  I imagine when the little guy is older it will be even more amazing.

But this still brings things back to the question of not making the little guy a little a’ hole.  I guess the key on this relies on “present parents.”  Like you know, being a parent who is there, present.  Like a parent who is not working, reading, watching tv – but there and present for their child.  Maybe having conversations with them, asking how their day was, what they learned, playing games with them, and so on.  But also encouraging self-reflection so they don’t go thru the day mindlessly, but instead they think about their actions and the results of their actions, and so on.  

Maybe that’s the key: self-reflection and self-awareness.  I mean, if you learn as you are growing up to be aware of how your actions impact the world around you, and to reflect on what that means, then perhaps you will grow up in a way that will help you check yourself, but also helps you genuinely do good / be good.  And as parents if we can encourage and ask questions and be involved in a way that is not intrusive, then I think we will be on the mark.  Sounds not too difficult, right?! 😉


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