Day 407: the little guy “talks”

There is something funny that has started to happen over the last few days: the little guy is talking.  Well, not really talking, as in “using real words,” but talking as in, “not just whining.”

Basically a few days ago, instead of whining when he wants something, the little guy will walk over and “tell us” what he wants in complete nonsensical sentences.  For example if he wants a banana, he used to just whine until we guessed what he wanted.  Now, he might walk over to us and say: “blaskbel olkasd mlooa nana.”  And he says it in a calm way, with gestures towards the banana.   The last part, “nana” for banana is real, and that just started today.

I am not sure what caused the turn in this direction.  It could be that I have started to teach him words to say when he wants something (like when he is hungry, I have taught him to say “mat,” which is Swedish for “food”).  Or it could be that with our Swedish visitors we have had the last few days, he is now hearing language that he does not recognize as well, so he feels comfortable making the noises that sound like words in his head.

Either way I think it is great.  I think it is a huge breakthrough and that it will open the floodgates towards talking.  No rush or stress about talking, but it feels to me that if he is saying nonsense words to express what he wants, the next step is real words, and then we will all be a little happier knowing exactly what he wants. 😉


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