Day 419: Puddle Jumpers

I wrote yesterday about how awesome it is when the little guy and his friends are around bubbles.  Today I was reminded by being around the same group of tiny friends of another thing that brings them to another level of happiness: puddles.

It has been really rainy lately, and in Hong Kong that means: nothing, nothing, nothing, a little rain, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN!!!!, nothing, nothing, nothing.  If you are not afraid of a little water, during the time of “nothing” and “a little rain”, you can spend your time outside.  And if you have a toddler, it’s just about the greatest thing since…bubbles.  And we have a plaza full of these puddles to play in after a rain storm, so it is the perfect set-up for a toddler’s impending happiness every time it rains.

“JUMP!!”  one little guy says (I think) to my little guy, who doesn’t speak yet but tries anyway without success until he just lifts one leg in the air and smashes it down to splatter water everywhere.  SPLASH go their little hands on rapid-speed, as if they are on a mission to empty every puddle completely through the “splash it dry” method.  LAUGHING all the way through the process, while they discuss up-close with one another where to go next, and if their parents are going to take them away from this fun and put them into dry clothes.  RUN around and have a lot of fun, going from puddle to puddle, picking up fallen sticks and leaves in the process.

Today when the little ones were playing, they were absolutely soaked.  All of us brought multiple outfits to change them into, anticipating this very thing was going to happen.  Luckily, this play time led to all of them getting really tired, and surely after a bath at home to wash off the grime, and a good meal, all the little ones (and the parents) will be sleeping well tonight 🙂


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