Day 420: No Thanks

The little guy has entered a new phase that is pretty interesting.  The “no” phase.  Basically, he shakes his head “no” at every question you ask him.  Even if he wants that thing, because he doesn’t really know how to do the “yes” nod (or maybe he only knows how to say does not want something).

Want your water?  No.  Do you want your crackers?  No.  Do you want a banana?  No.  Hmmm.  What does he want?  Uh oh, now he is whining, what does he want?  Oh, ok, he wanted his water after all.  This is pretty much how the days have been going with him lately.

It doesn’t bother me too much, because it has always been a guessing game of what he wants – now he just says “no” when I ask him the question.  Before he whined constantly until I figured it out, so him saying no as I go thru the list is a bit better.  And it can be kind of funny too, like if you ask him if he needs a new diaper, he will shake his head to say no and then run off.  It’s so interesting how he is learning to assert his wishes more.  Surely there are some even more interesting times ahead 😉


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