Day 422: jetlag freak out 

So, we are back in Sweden and it was day one today of jetlag.  Normally as you know we have a simple process to get thru jetlag, where we just do the days as normal.  It works, but it isn’t always fun.

So, today when we were going to eat lunch, the little guy had a compete meltdown.  COMPLETE.  It was impressive how he could cry and scream for so long, and how he did not want anything we offered him, and did not want to be comforted.  He simply wanted to sleep, which makes sense considering it was his normal bedtime back in Hong Kong.  So, after we tried everything to calm him down while being “those parents” in the cafe who obviously can’t handle their child, I took him outside, where he continued to melt down more.  He finally let me dress him and I wrestled him into the stroller and we went to watch the cars drive by.  And then he slept for a little while.

Later in the day we had some train travel for a few hours where he was really good and happy, and we arrived home to all his old toys he forgot about, and all was good.  But for that hour, it was not a lot of fun to have a 18-month-old.


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