Day 423: lets swing more

The little guy is thrilled to be back at our summer house, where all the toys and books he has forgotten about reside.  Last night when we arrived he had a few minutes of running around between them – he was so excited it was funny to watch.

A great thing about having the house is having a yard.  It’s a big one, with lots of grass and trees, and places to run around.  In our yard we have a kids swing.  So today, when the weather was really nice, I thought we would go out and run around in the yard; explore and kick the football around.  All of this stopped the instant he sat in the swing.

You’ve gotta remember that in the past, swinging has always been something the little guy liked, but he was ready to get out after a short time.  I found out today that this is not the case any longer – when I took him out after 20 min, he was instantly wanting to get back in, and the same after the next 20 min.  Then we were actually finally playing in the yard when his cousin arrived to play, and the little guy walked him over to the swing, as if thinking, “sweet!  A new person who I can get to let me into the swing!”

When he is in the swing it is super funny.  He kicks his legs like crazy, as if he thinks he is running and that is why it goes back and forth.  It is amazing to be a part of this pure joy that he is experiencing.  It was so amazing to him that when we were out on the back patio briefly this evening, he was transfixed when he saw the swing again, and he did not leave the patio without my assistance.  😉

the toddler-bewitching swing


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