Day 426: a little closer to home

Today was a super busy day.  Both my wife and me & the little guy traveled from where we were to meet in Stockholm.  Then we went to look at a few apartments to buy.  Then we got the apartment back from the person who was renting it.  Then we went to buy more stuff to decorate it in order to sell it.  And finally we ate dinner, went back to the apartment and prepared it for selling.

Tomorrow we meet with the realtor in the morning and then a few hours later we are off to the airport to go back to Hong Kong one last time.  The great thing about all this moving and packing / unpacking is that when we are back in Hong Kong we will not be getting sentimental about keeping certain things.  We hope to sell or give away the majority of our stuff except for furniture, art, and a few other items of course ;). Here’s to a smooth month ahead!


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