Day 425: M-A-T

The Swedish word for food is “mat”.  So, a few weeks ago, in an effort to get the little guy to finally tell me when he is hungry, I taught him to say “mat” when he wants something to eat.  He can’t really pronounce the “m – a – t” completely, it’s more like “m – a – a”, but I get what he’s saying.

And lately, he’s been saying “mat” a lot.  I don’t know what it is, but maybe it is a mini growth spurt he is having, because he is eating a ton of food!  Breakfast maybe at 7, then “mat” and some more food at 8:30.  Then at 10, it’s “mat” again.  And finally lunch comes and we eat a nice big meal.

This continues thru the day now.  Lots of fruit, maybe some cheese, maybe some meat, maybe some peanut butter crackers.  Not a lot of carbs though – hmmm, maybe this is part of the reason he wants so much food (no carbs to “fill him up”).  Of course he gets plenty of carbs in his meals, but snacks while we have been in Sweden are less carb-centric.

Anyway, he is eating so much it sometimes feels like he is just eating because he enjoys eating – which of course is a great thing.  And maybe because we do not give him sugar yet, he is seeing that fruit as his own version of candy, and so he will eat a snack to get his sugar fix.  Interesting.

The only down side of all this eating is the additional diaper changes.  We are talking going from one poop a day to four now.  So yeah, that’s fun. 😛


One thought on “Day 425: M-A-T

  1. Purple People Breeder says:

    oh i would give anything for my boy to eat like that. i think its good that he wants food, he is growing and as long as he doesn’t eat candy and chocolate i think he will be fine and strong and healthy.


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