Day 433: The Smell of Fresh Cut Flowers

Today I got home, and I was hit square in the nose by a wonderful smell: fresh flowers.

My wife had a going away dinner yesterday with her colleagues, and they gave her a huge bouquet of roses, lilies and some other flowers I don’t know.  They smelled amazing the moment she walked thru the door, and after she put them in a vase, the smell started to permeate thru the apartment – when I walked home after a long day away, it was so nice to have this smell to welcome me!

There’s something nice about having fresh flowers at home.  It’s one of those things I think many people say they will do regularly, and then they do it for a few weeks or months, and they stop.  It’s not cheap for one thing.  It probably starts to feel like a chore after a while, too.

We rarely have fresh flowers in our home, so this novelty is something I really appreciate for the moment.  I like the life that the flowers bring, the “pop” they give to the room.  And I love the smell. 


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