Day 434: When a Toddler Gets New Teeth

The little guy has just had his bottom canines pop up this week.  Yay!  And Ugh.  It is not a lot of fun for him, and it is therefore not a lot of fun for me.

When a baby starts getting their teeth, it is not much fun.  Lots of crying, sensitivity, maybe some fever, a bit of diharreah, and maybe lots of sleep / extra long naps.

When they get older and advance into being a “toddler,” you have all that other stuff I mentioned, plus the addition of them having an opinion, and a general irritability that is amazing.  Things can go from ok to ABSOLUTELY NOT ok in about 3 seconds.

For the little guy, he is always a bit whinier when my wife is around.  And that has been amplified this week when he has these canines coming in.  Additionally we see that he is so incredibly moody and un-peaceful during times he would normally be just fine, that you can tell he is confused and frustrated about what is going on – maybe he is just as frustrated as we are.

The canines go very deep so it’s not a shock that this one is brutal for him, but it’s how he is handling the discomfort that is really making it hard.  So for now we have lots of tears, lots of whining, lots of rejected food, lots of temper tantrums, and just a lot of everything on top of the stress of our upcoming move.  

I did tell someone that I hoped these teeth would come in before we were moving back, because I figured they would be rough ones.  Looks like I got what I wished for 😉


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