Day 435: Saying Goodbye to Your City

One of the things that is adding to the stress levels as we head back to Sweden is the list of things we’ve got to do before we leave.  You know, all the “favorites” and all the “tourist stuff we never did but now we’ve got to do” – these things that while you are living somewhere, you don’t bother, or you do them right away when you move there.

Of course this means already the remaining few weekends we have are getting fully booked.  Ocean Park, an excursion on a Junk (a rented boat that takes you to cool beaches and so on), and others top the list.  I am trying to take the time to do the things I want to do during the weeks with the little guy so that the things on my wife’s “to do” list can be achieved without mine in the way.

So, off we go into the month of May, already 1/3 over, and already feeling like we will leave feeling like we did not really “do” the city.  But then again, I think it is like this for everyone when the leave a “tourist” city behind – sometimes when there is so much to do and see, it is easy to overlook it until the end.


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