Day 444: “Let’s Get a Coffee”

Today me and the little guy did some errands, which meant a trip to Mong Kok and the MOKO Mall (read here about this mall).  One thing I did not write about this mall before was the incredible play area just outside of the food court on the 3rd floor.  The little guy acted like I had given him the greatest gift of all when we were there! 🙂

After we got back and we finished our errands, I got in touch with my friend group and asked where they were, and me and the little guy went to meet them.  They were slowly walking with their little guys in the strollers – and their little guys were not happy to be in the strollers.  At all.  So when they saw the little guy, they also made some serious moves to get themselves removed from the shackles that bound them to the mobile prisons they were in.

The moms decided it was too windy where we were, and the best option was to go into the coffee shop.  Now let me remind you that our kids are between 18-23 months.  A coffee shop is never the best option for anything unless they are sleeping.  So what happened when we went into the coffee shop?

Lots of whining, some running around, basic disruption of the place, and confused customers who just wanted to sit down but couldn’t because we were blocking the path.  Yep, we were those inconsiderate a-holes.  And I noticed it, and I didn’t like it.  So when my friend said that she has to get outside with her kid, I happily joined her outside of the coffee shop where the little ones could run around and burn off some pent-up energy.

I mentioned yesterday that I think some people do not evolve as their child evolves, and maybe they want them to stay babies too long.  Here is a great example of this.  There is a short period (before the kids are crawling) when you can go to coffee shops to meet friends, and it is really nice.  Did the other parents with me not notice their kids screaming, or that we with our toddlers were a disruptive force in the coffee shop?  And furthermore, how could they even focus on the conversation at hand when the kids were being like this?  The only one who was well-behaved had a iphone crammed into his hands immediately to mentally pacify him, but the others were not super pumped to be there.

So, all-in-all, while I think meeting friends for a coffee is a great idea, I think it is better to meet friends to get a coffee to go, so that you can enjoy your coffee while they are playing outside, running around, being active. 🙂


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