Day 445: Tiny Dictator

Stalin.  Mussolini.  The Little Guy.  That’s probably how history will remember things.  I hope not, but at the moment it is seeming that way.

The little guy has really become quite the dictator.  Or diva.  Is there a difference?  Let’s take a look at some examples.

  • When he wants to leave the apartment (usually around 9:00), he crawls up onto his stroller, puts in his pacifier, tries to put on his shoes, and points to the door.
    • whining starts as soon as I am too slow (about 12 seconds)
  • If he’s hungry, he simply lifts his hand and puts his thumb and forefinger together
    • when he doesn’t like what I give him, he shakes his head as if to say “try again, idiot”
  • when he wants what someone else has, he points at it until he gets it
    • this can and does lead to a full-on melt down when he does not get it
    • this can include toys and food
  • If he does not want what I offer him at any time, he will throw it as far as he can away, or he will shake his head and/or hands

So, how do I deal with the dictator son that I have at home right now?  Sometimes I let him have his way, like in the mornings when we are going to leave anyway, it is actually helpful that he is already sitting there.  Other times I simply let him cry and get over it.  He needs to learn that crying does not work as a tool to get things, but sometimes with his friends, it does work (other parents will give him what he wants).

From another angle, it is amusing to me that he thinks he is in charge of everything – he’s mildly delusional, just like any proper dictator.  😉


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