Day 446: High Tea at Hong Kong’s Mandarin Oriental

Today me and some friends made a trip to the Mandarin Oriental in central Hong Kong so we could have their High Tea.  If you are into this kind of thing, it is an interesting option, depending on when and with whom you choose to go.

We had a quieter corner where the little ones could be a little noisier and it suited the big group well.  They accommodated us well and were very friendly.

We ordered and in my opinion that’s where everything kind of got less impressive.  So many servers but nobody knew what was going on, and a lot of errors being made on the orders.  They surprisingly had a kids menu and I thought the kids waffle would be a good snack for the little guy until it arrived covered in syrup (why not put it on the side?!)

As for me, I had a wonderful cake and a pot of Orange Pekoe tea.  This is a tea my mom drank while I was growing up, and on some special moments I got to have a cup too, with milk and sugar.  So it was like tasting my childhood when I was able to drink this tea.

All-in-all I can probably recommend this place for a high tea experience if you go earlier in the day and with just one or two other people.  Something special to lighten your day amidst the chaos of central Hong Kong zooming by on the streets below.


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