Day 455: we made it!

After a long flight, connection time, and another flight, we have made it back to Stockholm!  Tjoho!

To be honest, I am happy our original flight was cancelled and we were put on a replacement flight by Lufthansa.  Mainly I am happy because of these reasons:

  • It was a night flight (Hong Kong – Frankfurt) and that made things easier as the little guy could sleep most of the flight (and so could we)
  • Lufthansa flight crew see a baby/toddler and say “how can I make your life easier?” (Maybe they give you toys or maybe they are simply accommodating and empathetic of your situation). SAS flight crew see children and roll their eyes as if to say “another one?!  Don’t people know we hate kids and their parents?”
  • Food choices: sas only has one meal option and non-alcoholic drinks for free.  Lufthansa has the industry standard of 2 meal options and free beer and wine.

We had to hurry up and get on the plane 10 hours earlier than planned, but that also meant that even with the connection (the sas flight is direct), we were home earlier.  Additionally, we checked some valuable artwork and the baggage team did not ruin it.  

So there is really nothing bad that I could say – I’m just glad we were able to jump on this flight – now it’s all about getting over the jetlag. đŸ˜‰


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