Day 456: compact living

In Hong Kong we were living in a space of about 85 square meters.  The apartment in Stockholm is 42 square meters.  We do not get into our new (bigger) apartment until September, so that means a lot of adjustments to “compact living” now.

As we get the suitcases unpacked and things put away, it is less overwhelming, but it is becoming apparent that one thing we need to figure out is where the little guy’s toys go.  They are currently everywhere – a few here, a few there, and next thing you know it is a mine field of Duplo, plastic animals, cars, balls, books, books, books, and stuffed animals.

We will find some solutions for toy and book storage, which I think will mostly involve simply limiting the available toys and rotating them often.

As for the things belonging to my wife and me – I think we will simply have to keep things put away and be careful not to leave things out – not only for the toddler’s curious hands, but to prevent a massive mess of clutter in the apartment.  Here’s to compact living!


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