Day 66: A lot of miles and a milestone

We made it back to Hong Kong and again the little guy was a champ on the airplane – just a little freak out leaving Stockholm but otherwise everything was smooth.  I think now the little guy has easily flown more distance than a huge percentage of the adult population has.  Back in Hong Kong was a wakeup call for the heat (28 degrees compared to 8 in Sweden), and humidity (dry as a bone in Sweden, humid as a wet dog here), so we will be adjusting to that this week.

While I was putting some things away I laid the little guy on the baby gym, and when I turned back around, he had rolled over!  Not one of those wimpy “oh, did he just roll over, after I helped him?”, but this was complete from lying flat on his back, to laying on his stomach with his arms out.  I turned to my wife and said, “check this out, he just rolled over – looks like we are starting a new era now.”  It is crazy how much of a big accomplishment simply rolling over is, and I am excited to see the next phases, too.


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