Day 140: Like a Movie

Tonight we had dinner at one of my wife’s sister’s houses.  It was full of family and children of various ages running around. Lots of family, but not too many people so that it is stressful.  Perfect.

I was in my own world during a momentary whirlwind of various Swedish-language conversations (sometimes I can’t keep up, so I have a moment to myself), and I looked outside.  I saw there, in the perfect evening sunlight, on the swing, my son being pushed back and forth by my wife’s sister, his aunt.  He was loving it.  Laughing, smiling, and having a great time.  She was also laughing and seemed to genuinely love the moment.  I did not want the moment to end – I wanted it to stay forever as it was.  I realized all at once how much I love my son, and how quickly it all goes – he is already 8 months.  I realized how easy it is to be caught up in the day-to-day and miss it all.  

I noticed later how my son was being passed around the table from one loving relative to another.  He will never be this age again, and he is getting heavier (and wants to move around on his own more and more), so those moments when this will happen are disappearing before our eyes.  So, this night was special.  Twice, I looked around, and it was like a movie – but I couldn’t press the pause button.  All I can do is remember it and hope for more beautiful scenes to come.


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