Day 242: Standing Up!

Today the little guy had a first: He was standing and using me as a guide, and then he squatted down to the floor, picked up a stacking cup, and stood up without me.  He stood up on his own, without using help from something else or me to help give him balance.  Cool, huh?!

It’s the craziest thing ever to see these “landmarks” happen before my eyes with my own son.  I can only suggest to all the new parents out there that you take it all in.  These things happen in the midst of normal, regular stuff.  In the movies, the music stops or gets more dramatic, and the scene is focused on the event (eating, talking, walking, etc.).  But in real life, these things just kind of emerge out of weeks of lounging in the “pre” phase – and time flies, it seems like just yesterday he was just starting to crawl!


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