Day 243: Not Freaking Out When Your Toddler Decides Not to Eat

The little guy has been on a kick the last few weeks where he has decided not to eat anything sweet.  So that means any kind of fruit; alone, mixed, purée, chunks, bits, or other are not going in or staying in his mouth.

This has led to me worrying a lot, because in general the “snack” that he has been eating between major meals up until recently has been fruit.  So now what?

He loves avocado and egg yolk, so those are things I can try to give him as a snack, but the real issue is that between meals, he doesn’t really go for any kind of food with substance.

This was really bothering me, because all the literature everywhere talks about how important it is that he eats, that you need to feed them between 70-100 calories per kilo that they weigh, and so on.  But then I read something out there that really helped.

In short, you should not force feed your little one.  Not only is it unpleasant for both you and them, but you are creating bad future habits about food if you do so.  The idea is, if they are hungry, they will eat.  It’s simple as that.  If they don’t want a snack, ok.  The important thing is that they have the food available to them and that they will do what they need to do with that food.  For me that means he will play with the food, maybe eat a little, but overall he will be happy.  For us, we still feed him baby food between his self-controlled bites, but we don’t force it, again, we just make it available (right under his nose!) 🙂

To be honest, it has helped take away some of the stress I was carrying about making sure he was eating enough.  I think we always find a way to worry about these things, you just have to choose to let it go, and let them do their thing.


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