Day 244: Lots of Family Help

We are finally in the last stretches of getting settled into the our new house! Of course it’s a small, old house, but it’s new to us, and it is exactly what we were looking for.  And we couldn’t have got it without all of the help from my wife’s family.

Since we were in Hong Kong, my wife’s family helped out from the first viewing of the house.  My wife’s mother for example did so much for us, not only attending the viewing, but working with the realtor, signing some papers on our behalf, and so on.  My wife’s sister has been instrumental in helping get the place furnished.  They have been a really good balance of helpful but also backing off and letting us have our space to figure things out.  Basically they are really good at presenting options without a lot of pressure.  In addition, today they took the little guy so that we could get some unpacking done – amazing how productive we were!

So how do you thank them?  I can only say thank you to them so many times before it is annoying to them and to me, but the words “thank you” do not capture my appreciation of the help we have received.  My wife of course also appreciates and sees the greatness of the help we have had, but it is her family so she probably doesn’t see how cool it is that they took this time away from their busy lives to help us out.

I think it will be so nice to have the house and spend time with the family.  Maybe for now that’s all the thanks I can offer – plus some fresh chocolate chip cookies 😉


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