Day 245: Social Butterfly

The little guy has had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with his cousins this weekend.  They are ranging in age from 7-14, and that means they all play in different ways with him.  But no-matter what, one thing is certain: He loves to be around other kids.

It makes me smile to see how much fun he has with the other kids, and while he ignores me during that time, I know that this ignoring comes because he knows I am there, he trusts that I am just a crawl or a cry away.  

It makes me think even more about how important it has been for his socialization that I have not simply forced him to be at home with me, but instead I have made an effort to meet people and have him play with other kids.  He has always been social and loved people, so paying attention to that part of his personality has been important.  

I think to having a really social child means you have to push even harder to ensure he is around others who stimulate him (not adults) – this could go for anything in parenting, I guess.  You just need to see what the little ones go for and make more opportunities for them!


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