Day 246: Brio Toddler Wobbler

The little guy has really been moving a lot!  He has had a good combination thus far while back in Sweden: he has been healthy, he has had a lot of space, he has had a lot of people to play with him.  And the end result of that is a very energetic little one who is now up on two feet just as much as he crawls.

In Sweden, it is popular to use a product by Brio that the little ones grab onto and walk around with.  There are fancier plastic versions elsewhere in the world, but this one is super basic; made of wood, metal, and rubber. 

they also have yellow and red, but look how sleek the black is
yep, he has tiny stone-washed jeans, too!
He has this same one in Hong Kong, which we brought back on a previous trip, and now we were lucky enough to find one used for when we are back.  The little guy loves this thing!  He walks with it, uses it like a kind of scooter, stands in it, sits in it, pushes his possessions around the house, and so much more.If you have a little one, skip the plastic ones with the bells and whistles, and get one of these.  Not only does it have adjustable tension for the wheels, but it looks good in an otherwise brightly colored sea of toys 😉


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