Day 247: A Great Day

Today was one of those days you dream of when you buy a house.  Unfortunately my wife is away on a business trip, but the little guy and I made the most if it and it turned out well! 

When we woke up, there was a beautiful day that unfolded before us.  Mild temperature, sun shining: the day was ours to have.  So after a good breakfast and a little play time, we went for a walk.  I think the little guy wanted to see what the world had in store for him; it took him longer than 1 hour to fall asleep (normally 10 min!)  – which was when we were back home.

Since it was nice weather and we have a big yard with lots of trees, I thought this would be a great opportunity for some leaf raking while the little guy slept.  I have done this many times every year throughout my childhood and adolescence, and I would never have guessed that I would enjoy it like I did today.  My son sleeping in the stroller  with the blue sky, sunshine, and fresh air, while I do some meaningful work in the yard of our new house – it was enough to take away every stress in the world for that moment. 

After the raking, I explored the yard a bit more.  There is a lot more property than I knew of, so it was fun to look around and dream about the day we build a guest house.  After that was lunch, and the little guy ate like a champ.

We had some things in the afternoon, most notably the electrician came and took care of some electrical concerns we had.  Thankfully the problems were small and inexpensive to fix, so that added to the energy of the good day.

After a late afternoon snack, the little guy was tired so we went for a walk near the lake (4 minute walk away).  The sun was setting and I enjoyed the walk immensely. 

Finally, we enjoyed a nice dinner where the little guy ate a whole avocado plus a bunch of turkey, and that naturally led to a well-needed bath.  After that, some play time, another short meal of porridge, a book, and the little guy was off to bed. See, a nice day, right?

It would be nice if my wife were here to share days like this, but sometimes you need to have nice days separately so that you can appreciate the company of the other person when they are there the next time.  But then again, if my wife were here, I wouldn’t have been able to eat cheese puffs for dinner. 😉


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