Day 263: Rosie Jean’s Cafe, Hong Kong

If there is one cafe that I have recently visited that I wish I had learned about sooner, it’s Rosie Jean’s Cafe.  Located at 119 Caine Road, it is a long way up the midlevels – but if you are already there, and you have your little one with you, it is the perfect place to be.  In fact, even if you aren’t already there, maybe it’s worth the trip.

What I like about it is there is a huge terrace to enjoy, and they have toys and things for the little ones to play with.  This means it is populated with parents meeting their friends for a coffee while their toddlers play around.  The staff is nice, the coffee is good, and the environment is welcoming and nice for children in a city full of small spaces that children can’t really be let out of their strollers.  So you can see why I am excited about it 😉  Check it out!



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