Day 264: Hayfever Cafe, Mong Kok Hong Kong

Today I went to a few wonderful places on the Kowloon side of town – mainly the MOKO mall (which I’ve written about before but back then I didn’t know they had a playground for the little guy!), and the flower market.  Nestled in amongst all the flower shops is a wonderful place called Hayfever, which has a fantastic coffee shop in it!

Hayfever is everything you wouldn’t expect from being in the middle of Mong Kok.  It’s super fresh and clean, it is a nice size (there’s also a second floor), it smells amazing (it’s a flower shop!), there were not many people there, and it has great coffee.  They even had ice drip brewed coffee, so if you are a snob about coffee you too can be impressed.

I had a cappuccino with a rose shot in it, which tasted like a dream.  I figured since I was in a flower shop, it would be the right thing to do 😉  We have visitors in town next week, and I think if we are in that neighborhood, this will be a wonderful addition to their trip.



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