Day 305: the little guy gets food poisoning

Would you ever imagine that a child spending time in Hong Kong and traveling to developing countries would get food poisoning not there, but in the USA?  Me either.  That’s what happened last night.

To make a long story short, we wanted to give the little guy some pre-made chicken (like rotisserie chicken), but we went to Trader Joe’s and they did not have anything like that.  So we found in the refrigerator section some pre-cooked chicken, like you would put on salads, for example.  We went back to our hotel, and tried to feed it to him but he was not interested.  It smelled extra strong but I just thought it was the smell from being packaged.  So bit by bit thru dinner while he was eating other things, I was slipping pieces of chicken into his mouth, which he didn’t like the taste of but ate anyway.

Fast-forward to 2:30 in the morning, and my wife wakes me up saying, “hey, the little guy’s throwing up!”  She has a handful of baby vomit, and he is covered (along with our bed sheets) with puke.  So I jump out of bed and get some towels.  Fortunately we are staying in a hotel, so there are a lot more readily available towels than there would be otherwise.  

We get him all cleaned up, and get him some water, and we all fall asleep.  30 minutes later he is throwing up again.  Ah!  So we go thru the procedures again, this time we change his clothes and diaper while we are at it.  30 minutes later he throws up some more, and again, and finally by 4:30 he is ok again and we were all sleeping.

The reason we know he is not sick is because he was his same old self all thru the vomiting – smiling and not really acting like he is when he is sick.  He didn’t look miserable or act like he normally does when he is sick.  All day today, he was just fine, except not really interested in food, and a bit tired – which is all fairly normal if someone was puking during the night.

As for Trader Joes, we brought back the chicken and they refunded us.  That much is to be expected.  What bothers me is that they didn’t really seem to care or to want to take action to make sure there is no more of this chicken in their store.  They just acted like it was a refund because we didn’t like it.  This is a big deal to me because it is supposed to be a natural food store, and they should therefore care about the freshness and health of their customers.  Whole Foods, the competing store of the same type, might not have had a better response, but there is no way I could recommend anything that could get you sick (meat for example), from Trader Joes.  This is not just because of the experience we had, it’s because if it happened to us, it means they do not have systems in place to keep their food fresh and their customers (and their children) safe.  You shouldn’t have to approach the food you buy at a store in AMERICA like you would if you were in a developing country.  Not cool, and I hope the little guy is back up to speed 100% again tomorrow.


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