Day 306: extra nighttime reading

I wrote a while ago that the little guy seems to have a penchant for reading, and at that time he was using reading to get to his nighttime bottle.

Now it is clear that he simply likes reading.  He loves to read so much that multiple times a day he will crawl or stumble up to us with a book in hand, and nestle in for a story.  When it is over, he wants it read again or picks a new book.

The bedtime routine involves reading 3 books, followed by a bottle, then sleeping – most of the time.  So you can imagine the surprise I had last night when the following happened.

We are still in the USA, so we are staying in a hotel, luckily we found a decently priced suite with a separate bedroom.  So, my wife brought the little guy into the bedroom to put him to bed while I stayed out in the living room.  I heard the reading, then the silence while he was drinking the bottle.

Next thing I know, there’s a little person crawling out through the doorway into the living room.  He turns to the carry-on bag where his things are stored, opens it up and pulls some things out until he gets to one of his favorite books.  I call his name, but he doesn’t respond, and then he crawls back into the bedroom, book in hand.  Apparently he just wanted to read one more book, then he fell asleep.  🙂


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