Day 424: Seriously, Lets Play

Today the little guy had a lot of play time, which was great!  He first went to his grandfather’s while I had a phone meeting.  He has a dog and one of his wife’s grandchildren was also there, so they played like crazy – so much that the little guy was exhausted when we left later in the day – but the day was not over yet!

Then, we had dinner at my wife’s cousin’s place, and they have a young baby and a 2,5 year-old.  And after they ate, those little people PLAYED.  I’m talking serious, let’s get our play ON.  Pippi Longstocking house, with the horse and his friends?  They stood no chance with those two.  Upstairs in the kids room, with the make-believe kitchen and fake food?  Absolutely awesome, intense PLAY (a reminder to myself now that it is time for him to get a fake kitchen set, he loves playing in any kitchen he can find!).  The little guy played, banged, yelled, laughed, stomped, danced, and really just had some big time fun.

Of course the benefits of this are multiple.  First, the obvious one – the exposure of the little guy to new people, new experiences, and new ways of play – especially with the older kids.  Second would be the benefit of being around the dog.  Third would be simple: he’s tired at the end of the day.  In fact, today he was so tired that after we got home, he walked straight into his room and tried to crawl up into his crib – after I changed him into his pyjamas, he simply wanted me to put him right in there.  Now that has never happened.  It’s amazing what some serious play can do! 😉


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